It was fifty years ago today.

Beatles, Cavern Club. August 22 1962
Cavern Club
John Lennon married Cynthia Powell, to cap a momentous week.

This was a big week for the Beatles in 1962:

  • Their manager, Brian Epstein, tells drummer Pete Best that he is fired.
  • Ringo Starr replaces Pete as their full-time drummer. The four lads perform a full gig together for the first time.
  • Granada TV (Manchester) films the Beatles at Liverpool’s Cavern Club.
  • John marries long-time sweetheart Cynthia Powell.

That week, Ringo hopped aboard the Beatles’ train to global success just as it was leaving the station. The Beatles remained together for only seven more years. It seemed like seven decades. For a bittersweet look at their earliest days, before Ringo, playing three sets a night gigs in Hamburg’s grotty Reeperbahn nightclubs, watch the delightful movie Backbeat.

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