Albert Einstein’s video biography

Discover the man behind the legend: Einstein Revealed

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Nova: Einstein Revealed

This is a video biography (produced by PBS’ NOVA in 1997) of the man who changed our understanding of time and space. This 1 hr 46 minute dramatization introduces a very human Albert Einstein. Andrew Sachs (who in the brilliant British sitcom Fawlty Towers played Manuel, the hapless waiter!) seems to have the look and mannerisms of Einstein. The portrayal of Einstein as a dashing young man, and his spotty schooling paint a very human picture.

What did Einstein think of Isaac Newton? Read Einstein on Newton, By Albert Einstein.

I loved this production: it both explored the human side of Dr. Einstein and explained in easy-to-follow steps, the meaning of his special theory of relativity, his general theory of relativity, and his unfinished unified field theory. His initial thought method was simple: he imagined situations that led to a paradox, and then tried to solve the paradox. He seemed to want a simple married life, yet two marriages fell apart, presumably at least in part because of his obsession with learning the universe’s secrets. The qualities that helped him solve puzzles may have been the undoing of his personal life: he described himself “as stubborn as a mule”.

How stubborn? Lying on his deathbed, within hours of his passing, he asked for his reading glasses, a fountain pen, and his notes, so that he could continue working on his unified field theory.

December, 2015: I’m no longer able to view this terrific biography on, so I’ve stored it on a server from which you may download or stream it.

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