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We need more CO2

Next week, the Paris Climate Change Conference begins. It’s basically a waste of time and money because anthropogenic global warming is an imaginary problem. One hidden agenda is the transfer of wealth from developed nations to less developed nations. Another is the transfer of wealth into the pockets of scam artists such as Al Gore. I wish that the conference would listen to, among others, Patrick Moore and Freeman Dyson.

Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace, spoke last month about climate change. Here’s YouTube’s video record of his presentation:

Dr. Moore argues that the earth’s climate has ALWAYS changed, and that carbon dioxide is good for all life on our planet. Broadly speaking, his argument agrees with that of eminent mathematician and physicist Freeman Dyson, who’s studied global climate since the 1970s, while a professor of physics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

I don’t know much about Dr. Moore, but I’ve long admired the independent thought of Freeman Dyson. When he speaks, I listen (and watch):

Freeman Dyson’s observations:

  • “CO2 is so beneficial . . . it would be crazy to try to reduce it.”
  • “Probably it does us good; the Earth will get greener as a result.”
  • “The climate models are no good for prediction.”

In a discussion about global warming stupidity, Professor Dyson confesses,

E-Mail 4/9/15
Dear Norman Page,

Thank you for your message and for the blog. That all makes sense.

I wish I knew how to get important people to listen to you. But there is not much that I can do. I have zero credibility as an expert on climate. I am just a theoretical physicist, 91 years old and obviously out of touch with the real world. I do what I can, writing reviews and giving talks, but important people are not listening to me. They will listen when the glaciers start growing in Kentucky, but I will not be around then.

With all good wishes, yours ever,
Freeman Dyson.

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Al Gore’s tired litany

The Hill wrote today about Al Gore’s global warming activities: Dems use Gore to fundraise on climate change. Al has always viewed global warming climate change as a money-making opportunity. After delivering his sermon, he passes around the offering plate.

I like this comment by a Mr. or Ms. Prawn:

Climate change has actually been happening for billions of years. There is no such thing as climate stasis. The climate changes on every planet that has a climate. There is climate change on Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc. That’s what climate does. It changes. Just like change is the one constant in the universe.

Of course, the claim that climate change can be controlled by usurping your wealth is utterly fallacious and dangerous. Perpetrated by morons and environmentalist nut jobs.

Al Gore carbon credit card
Graphic by ThePeoplesCube.com

Reality Check

The Sun exerts far more influence over Earth’s climate than does human activity. Yet, Al’s favorite climate club, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), ignores the Sun’s influence(!). Geologist Sebastian Lüning is convinced

that the global climate of the last 1000 years has been primarily driven by solar activity and ocean cycles.

Read a fascinating interview with Dr. Lüning (author of The Neglected Sun) or watch his presentation at the 9th ICCC (International Climate Change Conference) in Las Vegas last month.

  • Computer content: Google founders Sergei Brin and Larry Page think that Al Gore is a genius. Go figure.

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Global cooling has arrived?

Recent measurements suggest that Earth may be entering a cooling phase. Earth has been through many warming and cooling phases. I’ve written a couple articles about evidence of a history of warming and cooling with periods of about 70,000 years between each cycle.

Snow and iceToday I found two reports of recent measurements that may indicate that a global cooling phase has begun:

I found a comprehensive objective history of global warming article that documents the decades of controversy. It’s worth a read. One takeaway is that, contrary to Mr. Gore’s claim, “the science is is not settled”.

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Head for the hills, or learn to tread water.

Al Gore’s sycophants are correct: the planet’s climate is changing. (It always has.)

They’re wrong about our ability to do anything about it.

While listening on my new Android phone to a BBC program about the movement of our ancestors across the globe, I came upon the following graph. It’s based on data from an Antarctic ice core sample and clearly shows that the Earth undergoes warming and cooling cycles with periods of 90,000 years or so. About 50,000 years ago, as the last ice age was ending, Homo Sapiens began to venture from Africa northward to Europe and Asia. The cold apparently reduced our herd to just a few thousand people. The smart ones survived.

planetseed website

Here’s a graph of estimated global temperature for the past 425,000 years. This temperature record was computed from analysis of ice cores taken at Vostok, a Russian research base in Antarctica, starting in 1970. The deepest core reached 3,623 m (11,886 ft) into the ice sheet. The ice at the bottom has been undisturbed for about half a million years. During this time there have been four ice ages.

From www.planetseed.com/node/15221

In the near future, as the planet continues to warm, the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets will melt, which will cause sea levels to rise by 3 to 6 feet by 2100. How much ice will be lost is unclear. Most of South Florida will be under seawater. We’ll probably need to abandon many coastal cities such as Venice and New Orleans.

Low-lying areas such as Bangladesh will be submerged, their soil contaminated by saltwater, reducing availability of food, which will put pressure on higher elevation neighbors. It seems inevitable to me that food shortages will result in global population decline, until once again the climate cools.

If this temperature cycle is true to form, global temperatures will fall again over the next 50,000 years or so, so we’ll be able to hang up our snorkels.

The notion that we can deter the inevitable changes in climate strikes me as hubris. One rule applies to the universe: nothing, not even our precious planet and its climate, remains the same.

Al Gore’s attempt to profit by selling his ludicrous carbon credits would be laughable if it didn’t reveal the avarice at its core.

Who am I? To the global warming industry, I’m a nobody. I make a living troubleshooting systems. I’ve learned to assume nothing, discount conventional wisdom, sift through existing data, collect my own raw data, and draw my own conclusions. Do I like the idea that we’re warming and the oceans are rising? No, but Mother Nature always wins. Always.

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The universe ain’t static.

The only constant is that everything changes.
Go with the flow!

Photo: NASA

Amateur radio operators quickly become familiar with the 11 year sunspot cycle, because solar activity dramatically alters the propagation of radio signals around the earth. I guess that from a young age (I obtained a ham radio license at age 16) I became comfortable with the idea that nothing in the universe stays the same. My sister points out that at one time the area around Philadelphia resided at the equator, and shark remains are found in Kansas, which was once at the bottom of a huge sea.

When NASA reported last week that a large solar flare was detected on Valentine’s Day, I didn’t get excited (aside from wondering how it would affect radio signal propagation). In addition to the 11 year solar cycle, there are other solar cycles, with periods of 22, 87, 210, 2300, and 6000 years. The earth has been through many periods of cooling followed by periods of warming.

Not convinced? Read Global warming is a hoax, invented in 1988. It’s more detailed than my little summary.

Naïf Al Gore and his horde of naïfs shout that human activity is overheating the planet. If earth’s ice caps were melting (well, at least the northern one is; our southern ice cap is actually growing), how do these pseudo-scientists (Al Gore flunked out of divinity school!) explain the shrinking of the ice caps on Mars? Are Martians’ SUVs heating their atmosphere?

More likely, Mars — like Earth — is responding to cyclical changes in solar emissions. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. (See Occam’s razor. )

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