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Caveat emptor: AT&T Advertising Solutions

AT&T Advertising Solutions uses the tactics of used car salesmen.


illustration by Russ Bellew

Within the past week, my suspicions about the way that AT&T Advertising Solutions handles SEO (Search Engine Optimization) were confirmed by the experience of a new client. When AT&T Advertising Solutions creates and hosts a website, they deliberately request that Google not add that website’s pages to Google’s index. (This is probably done within a website’s robots.txt file.) This prevents the website from being found via a Google search for keywords that are contained within the website’s pages. Your website can’t be found by searching for your keywords!

Then AT&T Advertising Solutions tries to upsell their “SEO Services”, which consist of, at the onset, merely allowing Google to add the new website’s pages to Google’s index. (A website administrator could do this in minutes by deleting one slash character “/” from the website’s robots.txt file.)

Sleazy used car sales tactic

The amazing thing about this is that, by default, Google would have eventually discovered and indexed the new website. Instead, AT&T goes out of their way to prevent Google from indexing your new website. This is like removing the windows from a car, selling that car without windows, and demanding more money when the customer asks, “May I have the windows, please?”.

What are your experiences with AT&T Advertising Solutions?

  • Update, October 2015: This shady operation was spun off by AT&T in 2012 and now is named YP LLC. It uses the trade name YP Marketing Solutions. Same sleazy tactics. Numerous consumer complaints.
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