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Copy many large files from phone to SD card

When I replaced my Android phone, I needed to copy files from an old micro SD card to a new micro SD card. I used a Windows 7 computer with the phone (with old SD card) attached to a USB port on the PC and the new SD card attached to another USB port on the same PC.

This large copy operation worked fine except with files larger than 400 megabytes. Windows Explorer’s drag and drop copy function would fail after copying several hundred megabytes. Without warning the new SD card would vanish from Windows’ device inventory and the copy operation would stop.

I wrote an article in 2009 about Windows’ copy problems. The robocopy command line utility seems to fix many of these problems.

I used Windows 7’s ROBOCOPY command line utility with the /XO and /W:5 switches.  This way, even if the robocopy operation fails, it won’t try to copy files that already have been copied. It worked, even when the new SD card would vanish from Windows’ device inventory.  The restarted command would simply resume copying from the point at which the last attempt failed.  Voila!