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Every picture tells a story.

photo: esthr
Do you recognize these people? Why are they smiling?


The man on the left is Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, and he’s smiling because he’s the founder of Craigslist. The man on the right is Arthur Sulzberger Jr (nicknamed “Pinch”), publisher and chairman of the board of directors of The New York Times. Craigslist has all but killed print newspapers’ cash cow, the classified advertising section. For many decades the Sulzberger dynasty at The New York Times prospered thanks in part to classified ads in The New York Times. Now that income stream is dried up, thanks to Craig. I can’t imagine why Pinch is smiling, unless Craig is telling him about Craigslist’s plan to launch a book review publication . . .
I found this photo on flickr. The photographer is Esther Dyson, an early flickr investor. I guess that Esther took the photo at a conference in Aspen, Colorado. She captioned it, “The cool thing is how cheap we are . . .”  I think it’s great that she allows schlubs like me to use some of her photos. Thanks, Esther!
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