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Microsoft wants you to rent (not buy) MS-Office.

I received a bill from Microsoft for Office 365 in the amount of six dollars for one month. The emailed bill included a second item: they tried to bill 15 dollars per user for one month’s rent of Microsoft Office Professional. Its check box was checked by default — a Sleazy Salesmanship 101 “presumed close” tactic. I unchecked it to decline.

Microsoft Office has for years been their most profitable product. It’s under attack by Google Docs and OpenOffice — both available at no cost. (I use OpenOffice.) If you’re comfortable leasing your car, you may prefer renting rather than buying your software.

Microsoft would like to move most of its software products to the rental model as it assures them of a fairly predictable steady income stream each month. I’ll stick with OpenOffice instead.

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