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Dudu.com multilingual social networking site unavailable in U.S.

Facebook continues to lead the social networking market, but it assumes that all “friends” speak the same language. Last year, Facebook helped bridge the language gap between people when it acquired Instagram, which allows people to communicate visually, independent of human language. Now Dudu.com attempts to provide a single meeting place for people, even if they speak different languages. Dudu provides automated translation services for English, Russian, and Arabic speakers. Mobile apps for both Apple IOS and Android devices are available for free.
Dudu is based in Dubai and hosted in Germany. Last year, they paid $1 million for the dudu.com domain name.

Dudu.com was on-line a few days ago, but today its DNS record in the U.S. has been clobbered, and while a server responds to pings sent to its IP address (, its webserver doesn’t serve pages, at least when trying to connect from a U.S.-based IP address. When connecting via a proxy server in France, though, it does work. Why? I don’t know. It’s not a good sign, especially for an enterprise that spent all that money on its domain name. Maybe there’s no money left for server security.

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