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Streaming NPR to my Android phone

Here’s a great use for my new Android smartphone.

prairiehome.publicradio.org website
Gary Keillor and cast of A Prairie Home Companion radio show performing in Lanesboro, Minnesota. June, 2007
photo: Jonathunder

Finally, my new Android phone is paying for itself. I followed the suggestion that Sue made in a comment and loaded some apps on my new Android phone. One of my faves is the Tunein app. I’m now listening to one of my favorite weekly radio programs, A Prairie Home Companion, broadcast on NPR (National Public Radio) stations. I love its freewheeling live radio show feel, its music, the humorous skits, and the writing.

Ah, the writing! The show’s creator, producer, writer, singer, and emcee is a talented fellow in his late 60s named Gary Keillor. He likes to call himself Garrison, for some reason. He’s a terrific writer, revealing gentle humor and a tender heart. He’s also a master at running a tight show.

As a person, Mr. Keillor seems less than perfect. He’s left a trail of unhappy people behind him. He’s invariably in favor of Democrats and reserves real criticism for Republicans. I recall Winston Churchill’s observation, “If when you’re young you’re not a liberal, you have no heart. If, when you’re older, you’re not a conservative, you have no brain”. Mr. Keillor long ago should have matured into a conservative, but he has not. I chalk it up to provincialist naïveté. I don’t care what his politics are, but it bugs me that he feels free to express them, while accepting taxpayers’ money.

I love the witty Guy Noir, Lefty and Dusty, Ruth Gordon Reference Librarian, Ketchup Advisory Board, and Professional Organization of English Majors skits. Mr. Keillor has surrounded himself with a brilliant cast to perform his droll dialogue.

touchAbout the phone
My biggest problem is its touchscreen. I keep accidentally choosing icons when I mean to merely scroll the screen. Maybe if I lost about a hundred pounds, my fingers would shrink enough to work that dinky touchpad.

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