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CTIA’s stolen cellphone blacklist

A stolen smartphone can fetch $200 to $300, so smartphone theft remains a problem. CTIA’s website includes tips on how to deter smartphone thefts.

CTIA logoThe CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) announced in November that it had integrated its stolen cellphone database with similar international databases. A recent Verge article describes the importance of the overseas stolen cellphone market and the controversy that surrounds a built-in “kill switch” for smartphones.

The CTIA insists that its new improved cellphone blacklist will make “kill switches” unnecessary. We’ll see what happens to the market value of stolen phones.

Recover your lost or stolen Android phone

Most portable device recovery systems require installation before the device is lost or stolen. Here’s the only device recovery system that I’m aware of that doesn’t need to be pre-installed: Plan B for Android. PC Magazine published a good review which called it “an easy, last-ditch effort to locate your device without having the app pre-installed”. It uses both GPS and cell-tower triangulation to locate your lost phone. The only downside: it works on pre-Honeycomb Android releases only.
Plan B for Android install screen

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