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Occasionally, Apple’s single-vendor model makes sense.

Simply connecting my cellphone wirelessly to my netbook proved to be much harder than it should be.

Last week I bought my third Samsung SGH-T439 cellphone. It’s a 2007-vintage product: a very small flip-phone. I’m fond of the product, so when I found a great deal on eBay, I pounced. I learned on howardforums.com that Samsung has a program (called PC Studio 3) that allows a Windows PC to exchange files with cellphones such as mine.

Since I was using a Windows XP netbook with a Bluetooth adapter, I thought that I’d try connecting the netbook to the cellphone via Bluetooth. It sounds easy . . . and it could be, except that multiple hardware and software vendors’ products need to communicate nicely and securely with each other.

After failing several times to get this multi-layer system to work, I carefully documented the interface of each layer: function, ports, protocols, passwords, and eventually got it to work. The task required at least an hour . . . and I understand most of the technology and vocabulary! The layperson would have little or no chance of making this setup work.

It’s at times like these that I appreciate the rationale of Apple’s single-vendor approach.

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