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Live Music Streaming Via Periscope 

I’ve been using the Periscope app on my Android phone to stream live music from Fort Lauderdale. Music genres include solo guitar, rock, reggae, and Cuban. 

South Florida has always been blessed with hordes of great musicians. These “scopes” contain some of them.

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What’s Periscope?
Periscope is a live streaming video app. There are both IOS (Apple iPhone) and Android versions, which can both broadcast and view video streams. Since Periscope is owned by Twitter, you may use your Twitter account to begin broadcasting your own scopes. Also, Periscope streams may be viewed within any web browser by going to


Tweets As Prose Haiku

I like simple English. Long words and complex sentences only obscure meaning. Our goal should be to express ourselves in as few words as possible.

Have you ever tried to write a Haiku? It’s a Japanese poem form which contains seventeen syllables in three lines. Its brevity imposes discipline. Try writing a Haiku. It’s not easy. 

Twitter imposes a 140 character limit on tweets. It’s sufficient to express one or two thoughts — but only if you distill your idea into a few simple but powerful words. It reminds me of writing Haiku — but without rhyme. (Reason only.)

(Haiku and illustration credit Kelly R Fineman)

Speed Up Twitter On Android 

I’ve been using Twitter on my Android phone and noticed that over a period of days or weeks it slows to a crawl. A simple way to kick Twitter back into high gear is to exit Twitter and just delete all of its data, and then restart Twitter.

On my Android 5 phone, I go to Settings, Applications, Application Manager, and scroll down to Twitter, then press the Clear Data button. You’ll be asked to confirm. Click CLEAR – you do wish to clear all data.

Exit Settings and Restart Twitter. It should find your profile(s) and download your tweets. Now it should be faster.

Try this at your own risk. It works for me, but your mileage may vary. multilingual social networking site unavailable in U.S.

Facebook continues to lead the social networking market, but it assumes that all “friends” speak the same language. Last year, Facebook helped bridge the language gap between people when it acquired Instagram, which allows people to communicate visually, independent of human language. Now attempts to provide a single meeting place for people, even if they speak different languages. Dudu provides automated translation services for English, Russian, and Arabic speakers. Mobile apps for both Apple IOS and Android devices are available for free.
Dudu is based in Dubai and hosted in Germany. Last year, they paid $1 million for the domain name. was on-line a few days ago, but today its DNS record in the U.S. has been clobbered, and while a server responds to pings sent to its IP address (, its webserver doesn’t serve pages, at least when trying to connect from a U.S.-based IP address. When connecting via a proxy server in France, though, it does work. Why? I don’t know. It’s not a good sign, especially for an enterprise that spent all that money on its domain name. Maybe there’s no money left for server security.

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Facebook’s latest privacy breach

Facebook last week admitted that during the last year it has allowed the phone numbers and email addresses of about 6 million users to leak outside. MailOnline reports this in today’s article titled Facebook admits accidentally releasing phone numbers and email addresses for SIX MILLION users in year-long data breach.

thumbsdownSo, what else is new? We’re accustomed to Facebook privacy breaches. The new feature of this leak is that amongst the leaked data are data that you didn’t provide to Facebook. Yes, Facebook collects data about you from everywhere and stores them in your Facebook user record. Did you know that? For those unfortunate 6 million Facebook users, that data was also leaked.

Kaspersky offers good advice: What to Do if Facebook Leaked Your Data?

If you’re a Facebook user, this might be a good time to review Facebook’s Terms Of Service.

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