Which countries host Internet bad guys?

I’m impressed by the effort to take down Internet bad guys at Project Honey Pot.  Website owners can use Project Honey Pot’s tools to redirect spammers and other misbehaving visitors who appear on a blacklist to a “honey pot” page.  There, continued bad behavior is logged and the naughty visitor receives more demerits that bury him or her deeper in the Project Honey Pot blacklist.

Website owners may choose how many days of good behavior a blacklisted IP address must exhibit before he or she is allowed to use the owner’s website. This allows dynamically assigned IP addresses who behave, to eventually be removed from the blacklist.

Here’s a summary of bad guys who have been trapped by Project Honey Pot, by country (as of 7 November, 2015):

Bad guys, by country
Bad guys, by country, as of 7 Nov, 2015
from Project Honey Pot

If you have a self-hosted WordPress website or blog, you can implement Project Honey Pot by using the http:BL WordPress Plugin plugin for WordPress. It’s easy to install, and works fine with WordPress v 4.3.1, even though it’s guaranteed to work through only v 3.3.2.

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