Apple and U2, tax avoiders

I’ve never purchased an Apple product. In the beginning, I steered clear of the Apple II because its BASIC language lacked floating-point arithmetic routines and it was unable to display lower-case ASCII characters. My business applications simply wouldn’t work on the Apple II.

Bad Apple
Credit: Americans for Tax Fairness

More recently, I avoid Apple products because I like the flexibility of open systems, and Apple’s products are very very closed. It’s their way or the highway. They’ve done a good job of integrating most Apple products into Apple’s universe. They’re fine “for the rest of us”, but not for me.

Tim Cook’s recent reception of U2’s Bono (née Paul Hewson) has given me one more reason to avoid Apple products. I don’t want U2’s muzak on my new phone. Maybe Mr. Cook admires Bono because, like Apple, U2 has avoided taxation by keeping its profits offshore. These hypocrites deserve each other.

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