Listen to true (online) crime stories

ListenThe Internet is an amplifier. It amplifies everything, including the apparent number of bad guys on the planet. Decades ago, we were vulnerable only to thieves in our neighborhood. Now we’re vulnerable to connected thieves everywhere. Here’s a recent podcast by WNYC’s Radiolab about ransomware, botnets, and Internet crime for fun and profit.

From Radiolab’s notes:

First we meet mother-daughter duo Alina and Inna Simone, who tell us about being held hostage by criminals who have burrowed into their lives from half a world away. . .

Then reporter and author Joseph Menn tells us about the surprisingly lucrative professional hacker structure in places throughout the former Soviet Union. Finally, the co-creator of one of the most notorious online marketplaces to ever exist speaks to us and NPR cyber-crime expert Dina Temple-Raston about how a young suburban Boy Scout can turn into a world renowned black hat hacker.

Bad News: CryptoLocker screen

An excerpt from a listener’s comment:

Here’s some advice:
But remove the drive after you backup, if you use an external. CW 3.0 is known to infect any attached devices, NAS devices or even networked computers.

If you see an unexpected major slow down with your PC, shut it down immediately. This is caused by the encryption process (and in some cases a failing hard drive; also a good time to shut it off and get it checked out).

If you see a link file (.html), picture (.jpg) or text file (.txt), titled “DECRYPT_INFO” or any of those types of files (usually small) with a name like that, you have been infected and the virus is in the process of encrypting your data. Shut down immediately.

I’d add that you shouldn’t click on links or attachments within email messages, even those that seem harmless.

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