I hate wireless keyboards and mice.

Microsoft wireless mouseToday, while troubleshooting a sick Windows PC, its wireless mouse stopped responding. Acck!

Luckily, I found a good ole wired Microsoft optical wheel mouse, plugged it into the PC’s USB connector, and continued on. I won’t waste time troubleshooting the wireless mouse.(Update: replacing both AA batteries brought the wireless mouse back to life.)

Computers are unreliable. I see no point in unnecessarily adding the complexity of wireless links between keyboards and mice. Complexity reduces reliability. (If you could see the technology within keyboards, mice, and their wired communications, you’d appreciate why it makes no sense to needlessly add the complexity of wireless links to these already complex interfaces.)

I’m sure that there are cases in which wireless keyboard and mice links make sense. I suppose that if the desktop is separated by a walkway from the PC, they’d make sense.

Other than that, the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle dictates wired keyboards and wired mice. Preserve precious local RF spectrum. And stop wasting AA batteries.

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