Don’t push CD-ROM/DVD drive doors!

While I’m in a cranky mood about dumb hardware problems, I’ll mention another pet peeve.

I hate encountering CD-ROM and DVD drives whose trays no longer work because their user always pushed their drive trays closed. The photo below shows the plastic rack and pinion mechanism that converts a small motor’s rotary motion into the in and out linear motion of the drive’s tray. It assumes that the user will electrically power the DC motor with one polarity to open the tray and with the opposite polarity to close the tray.

DVD drive tray rack and pinion gears
DVD drive tray plastic rack and pinion gears

When a user doesn’t press the little “tray open & close” button on the face of the DVD drive, but instead physically pushes the tray in, he/she risks stripping the teeth from the plastic rack or pinion gears. Eventually, when enough teeth are broken, the tray will no longer open.

CD-ROM drive

If you like your CD-ROM, DVD, and BluRay drives, don’t just force their trays to close by shoving their trays. Take a moment to locate their “tray open & close” buttons and press them instead. Your drives will return years of service, instead of only months.

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One thought on “Don’t push CD-ROM/DVD drive doors!”

  1. Its perfectly find to push on the tray to close it, as long as you do so GENTLY, and stop pushing as soon as the motor starts pulling it. I do this ALL the time, and drives i’ve owned for years still work fine.


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