Am I a snob?

Or just someone who values accurate communication?

Today I viewed a brief well-done video that gushed about the growth of the Internet. A male voice compared connection speeds today with those of 1984. He mis-read kbps (kilobits per second) as “kiloBYTES per second” and Mbps (Megabits per second) as “megaBYTES per second”. He’s off by a factor of eight. For me, this sort of error is like hearing fingernails scrape a blackboard.

Here’s the video (requires Flash):

I encounter this sort of factual error all the time. I can usually correct the error in my head and forget about it. Occasionally, though, multiple factual errors cascade and obliterate the truth. When this happens, the writer and/or speaker has failed to communicate. All we’re left with is a jumble of mis-applied technical terms, with no clear meaning.

Should this bother me? Or am I just a snob?

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