Volusion e-commerce platform

I’ve recently begun building a client’s e-commerce site using Volusion. It’s my first experience with Volusion. So far, I’m impressed. I’m using a free Volusion template, which I feared would be inflexible. In fact, Volusion provides the templates in editable HTML form, together with the site’s CSS (cascading style sheet), again in editable form. The code looks well-written, and even includes a few helpful comments. The tech support via an 800 phone number was excellent.

Volusion logoBy editing the template’s HTML and CSS code, within just a few hours, I was able to customize the site (originally designed strictly for online commerce) to also allow over-the-counter sales in a brick and mortar store.

Since Volusion uses ASP (active server page) files, I surmise that Volusion’s servers run on Microsoft Windows servers.

The next big step will be routinely populating the catalog with XML or CSV (comma separated variables) files from manufacturers and distributors. The import requirements of Volusion look pretty flexible. If the backend is as easy to work with as its front-end, we should be done much sooner than I expected.

As the jumper shouted as he fell past the fifth floor, “So far, so good!”

Update: I’m almost finished with adding mobile responsive code — a little JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Have a look, from both your PC and your phone: http://lauderdalecyclery.com.

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