Does car ownership have a future?

We’ve heard the mantra, “the Internet will change everything”, but did we think that it — together with smartphones — would threaten car ownership?

1914 Renault print advertisementVarious ride-sharing and car-sharing systems may be reducing the need for car ownership. Reuters recently published a detailed article titled Rise of the car-sharing apps poses threat to auto sector.

Another article titled Car Ownership Ditched as Flexible Travel Tech Upstarts like Uber and Blacklane Reshape the Industry recently appeared in England. It claims,

The car manufacturing industry recognises that this disruption is causing a trend away from car ownership and has invested in solutions that complement their automotive offerings.

Both articles report that the following ride-sharing and car-sharing service providers are expanding into global markets:
Cars stacked atop each other

  • Uber
  • Zipcar
  • Lyft
  • BlaBlaCar
  • Blacklane

The writers also mention investors who plan to create new ride-sharing and car-sharing services in major cities around the world. Maybe this is the end of growth for car manufacturing. Maybe it’s karma from the General Motors streetcar conspiracy of 1930 – 1960.

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