The Sony debacle

The pillaging of Sony Pictures Entertainment by someone has revealed shocking incompetence at the top of Sony’s organization chart. Aside from the childish banality of their email conversations, the poor security practices within Sony should require that its CEO, COO, and CIO be removed ASAP.

Sony Pictures Entertianment logoReportedly, close to 100 Terabytes(!) of data were downloaded from Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony’s data security has been laughably bad for years. I heard about in 2011.

Too many chiefs, not enough Indians

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) reportedly has eleven people in its I.T. department. Eight are “managers”, leaving just three poor souls to actually work. You’d think that with all of those “managers”, their practices would be near perfect. You’d be wrong.

This catastrophy demonstrates a breach of fiduciary responsibility by top management. I’ll bet that the company could be bankrupted by years of resulting litigation. This Christmas, Sony’s insurers will be checking their policies twice to see who at Sony has been naughty and negligent.

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