HBO declares war on cable TV companies

When HBO announced last week that it would allow access to its content via the Internet, it fired  the opening volley against Time Warner Cable, Comcast,  and all other retail cable TV companies. This is just the start. Until now, cable TV companies have owned the tollgates between content providers and consumers, and collected tolls in both directions.

image Life has been good for cable TV companies. They’ve charged you for access to HBO and they’ve charged HBO for access to you. Sweeeeeet.

The cable TV companies won’t be happy with HBO’s move to directly serve consumers. Until now, they’ve both owned the pipes and provided the content that fills those pipes. Sweeeeeeter.

HBO’s announcement is a step toward removal of the content provider role from the cable TV companies. It seems inevitable that eventually cable TV companies will simply supply the pipe to your house. Others will supply the content that flows through that pipe. Finally, we’ll be free of bundling.

I applaud HBO. This helps move us toward the freedom of a la carte TV.

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