Apple’s software quality problems

Apple has recently demonstrated that its software quality control has major problems. A few months ago, we learned that Apple’s TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security / Secure Sockets Layer) code wasn’t checking the validity of security certificates supplied by servers . . . and hadn’t done so for more than a year. Yikes!

apple with wormNow we learn that Apple’s IOS 8 breaks Internet connectivity for its latest iPhones. (Apple quickly killed the flawed release and rushed out a patched version — 8.0.1, followed immediately by 8.0.2, which reportedly is plagued with more bugs.) Apple has had a variety of problems with the mail client within IOS for many months.

Last month’s iPhone 6 announcement was flawed by a Chinese language voiceover on Apple’s English language streamed video feed. It’s hard to imagine these gaffes while Steve Jobs ran the show.

Is the fanatical attention to detail of Steve Jobs the missing ingredient at Apple?

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