YouTube Android app bloat

Over the past year or so, the YouTube app on my Android (Gingerbread) phone has been hogging ever more resources as its reliability degrades with each update. Last week I uninstalled Google Play Services, which freed almost 100 MB (megabytes)! Google Play Services apparently provides user ID services to Android apps Gmail, Google+, and YouTube.

YouTube 2.3.4 for Android
After I uninstalled Google Play Services, the YouTube app refused to run, claiming that it needed Google Play Services. I uninstalled the YouTube app updates, which left YouTube app version 2.3.4 installed. It runs fine, and the system drive now has almost 100 MB more free space.

Older version outperforms newer versions

A bonus is that the older 2.3.4 version of the YouTube app is more stable and more responsive than the newer versions. This is another chapter in the long story of programs that improve as they mature, and then degrade as their publishers stuff them full of unnecessary features.

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