Swim stuff online

I like to swim. Even in Fort Lauderdale, finding just the right swim gear can be tough. I’ve found that swimoutlet.com is a reliable source of everything I need to make swimming a joy.

Here are a few of my fave items:


    • AquaSphere Seal swim goggles. Over the decades I’ve tried every brand of goggle. On my face, they all leak, save one. The Seal goggle is the only one that does not leak . . . on my mug, anyway. It also provides a beautiful wide angle view. It probably creates more drag than smaller goggles, but I don’t care. Sports Authority stocks this goggle with smoked lenses.
    • Sporti swimsuits. Sporti is SwimOutlet’s house brand. Sporti mens suits are priced at about 60% of comparable Speedo suits and seem to be of comparable quality.


  • Coppertone Water BABIES sunscreen, in a pink plastic bottle. SPF 50. Contains zinc oxide. Not greasy. Stays on skin throughout an hour’s workout and more.
  • UltraSwim shampoo and conditioner. Chlorine quickly dries out my straight fine hair and turns it to straw. This shampoo seems to break chlorine’s chemical bond to hair. It’s the only shampoo that keeps my hair soft the day after a swim.

Choice of swim gear is highly personal. These items suit me. Your mileage may vary.

Looking for a nearby lap pool?

Swimmers’ Guide maintains a useful database of public accessible pools that are suitable for lap swimming. It’s great for travelers.

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