Look! Up in the sky!

Greenpeace airship over NSA image
Photo by Greenpeace

It’s the Greenpeace / EFF / TAC airship, flying above NSA’s new enormous data center in Utah. They were protesting the NSA’s illegal snooping and seizure of citizens’ electronic personal effects. EFF reported the event on their website:

Greenpeace flew its 135-foot-long thermal airship over the Bluffdale, UT, data center early Friday morning, carrying the message: “NSA Illegal Spying Below” along with a link steering people to a new web site, StandAgainstSpying.org, which the three groups launched with the support of a separate, diverse coalition of over 20 grassroots advocacy groups and Internet companies. The site grades members of Congress on what they have done, or often not done, to rein in the NSA.

The Guardian published a full story on this event.

While the NSA is in the spotlight, when will James Clapper be indicted for lying to Congress about NSA’s capture of domestic telephone records?

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