Mayday PAC’s goal: return Congress to the people

Would you like to change our government so that it works for its citizens, rather than its corporations? Have a look at Harvard Law School professor Larry Lessig has created Mayday PAC (Political Action Committee) to change the American political landscape. Their FAQ states


The Mayday PAC is a super PAC. That means it spends the money it collects independently of any political campaign. But the ultimate aim of this super PAC is to end the dominance of super PACs in our elections.

We want fundamental reform that will change the way elections are funded. The first step towards that goal is to elect a Congress that will enact fundamental reform. Once we have that Congress, we will then consider the constitutional reform that will secure fundamental reform.

Mr. Lessig has consistently objected to government’s over-reach. Last year he denounced federal prosecutors for their overzealous prosecution of information access advocate Aaron Swartz.

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