Apple’s Tim Cook looks ahead at WWDC

Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered the keynote address at Apple’s World-Wide Developers Conference. His speech should quell fears that Apple lost its way since Steve Jobs’ death.

imageAll new product announcements were software only: OS X v10.10, IOS 8, and a replacement for Apple’s Objective C programming language called Swift. I like the opening of the iPhone 5S thumbprint reader interface to third-party IOS 8 app developers. This could allow banking apps to use the reader as second-factor user authentication, which could help secure bank accounts.

Mr. Cook promised more integration with Apple’s iCloud. If Apple succeeds, this could hurt Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, but Apple’s previous cloud efforts have been troubled: Mobile Me was a mess and today’s iCloud has problems. So we’ll wait and see.

For most of today’s announced products, we’ll need to wait until autumn 2014, when they begin shipping.

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