Virtual machines in Xubuntu

A customer wanted to view his Lorex video surveillance system’s DVR from a 32-bit Xubuntu 12.04 PC. Lorex supplies clients for Windows, IOS, OS X, and Android, but no client program for any Linux distro.

I tried three approaches:

  1. I installed Wine (Windows emulator) and had it open the Lorex Client 11 for Windows. It didn’t work. (I guess that the Lorex client tries to write directly to the display, which, within Wine, isn’t where it is within a simple Windows system.)
  2. Then I installed VirtualBox and installed AndroVM within it. Then I went to the Google Play Store within AndroVM and installed the Lorex Android client. It ran slowly, but it did work. I’m impressed that this works at all, since Android runs on ARM — not Intel — CPUs.
  3. Next I installed Windows XP within VirtualBox and then installed the Windows Lorex Client ver 11 within this virtualized Windows machine. It worked, but was slow.

My conclusion? For real-time video, all of this virtualization results in erratic motion displays and sluggish controls. If you must try it, run it on fast hardware with lots of memory.

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