Listen to books on your phone, gratis

Last year I wrote an article about my delight when I discovered, where I found excellent audio versions of terrific public domain books. Today I was just as delighted to find a Librivox app for Android.


The Librivox Android app makes finding and listening to books simple. (Using the Librivox web interface on a phone can be awkward.) You can find the Librivox app in the Android Play Store.

The Librivox app works smoothly, revealing the results of fine-tuning. While listening, you can read the book’s description, listeners’ reviews, table of contents, and suggested books by same author, same reader, or same topic.

One tip: by default, the Librivox app streams and downloads only when your phone is connected via Wi-Fi. To stream and download via your carrier’s cell towers, you must go into the app’s settings and check the Stream over data plan and Download over data plan options.

I give this app two big thumbs up.

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