FCC and VoIP

The FCC seems to favor moving our nation’s telecommunications from a circuit-switched model (using crossbar and ESS switches) to a packet-switched model using routers and VoIP (voice over internet protocol) packets. They appear to favor SIP (session initiation protocol).

Karl Auerbach, in a recent article, criticized this use of SIP. According to Mr. Auerbach, the current SIP spec is way too loose. I’ve used SIP with Asterisk-based “PBX”s, but I’m not a SIP expert. In my limited experience, SIP works fine, but its loose spec seems to make system configuration needlessly confusing.

imageIt reminds me of the RS-232 spec. It’s open to interpretation, so each manufacturer interprets it as it wishes. Result? You’re lucky if an RS-232 device works without fiddling with its connector’s pinout. The USB spec, in contrast, works reliably because it’s unambiguous.

Let’s hope that, whatever is finally chosen, our telecommunication backbone is as robust as USB, and not as flaky as RS-232.

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