AOL plans to shut down Winamp

I’ve used Winamp as my primary Windows-based MP3 player since 2001. It’s a terrific program, published by Nullsoft. Its Shoutcast streaming network is loaded with thousands of shoutcast “stations”, which stream everything from west African JuJu music to public safety radio scanners.

Wiamp screenshotAOL bought Winamp and Shoutcast when it acquired Nullsoft in 1999. Last week AOL announced that it intends to kill both Winamp and Shoutcast at the end of 2013.

I’m very fond of Winamp and Shoutcast. Others agree with me: Winamp Petition Emerges as Microsoft Considers Purchase. The latest rumor is that Microsoft is negotiating a Winamp/Shoutcast purchase from AOL. I hope that Winamp and Shoutcast survive, either in open-source form or <hard swallow> as Microsoft properties.

ArsTechnica article: Winamp’s woes: how the greatest MP3 player undid itself


One of my fave Shoutcasters is Beyond The Beat Generation. It streams 1960s garage bands, 24/7. Not one-hit bands. No-hit bands. Maybe they were headliners in Binghamton or Portland, but they were unknown elsewhere. It’s a Hammond B3, fuzzbox, tremelo, and echo festival. Quality varies.

What are your favorite Shoutcast “stations”?

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