Congress may be waking up

This video clip of Representative Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) questioning National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis in mid-October provides hope that our foundering federal government just might right itself. At last, here’s a Congressman going to bat for the people by requiring accountability of arrogant federal bureaucrats.

Trey_Gowdy, Official Portrait, 112th CongressGowdy demanded that Jarvis explain why he allowed ‘Occupy’ protesters to illegally camp on federal grounds for 100 days yet promptly barricaded the WW2 memorial during the recent government shutdown.

Now, Congress needs to pursue Intelligence chief Clapper for perjury — a felony — during sworn testimony. If Congress exercises its oversight responsibities, this “balance of powers” idea of our nation’s founders just might set this nation back on course.

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