Where are T-Mobile’s cell sites?

T-Mobile’s GSM signal inside my house is marginal. My Android phone indicates field strengths from about -100 dBm to -113 dBm. (I *think* that GSM needs a minimum field strength of about -109 dBm.) I have a vague idea where T-Mobile’s nearest cell site is located, but I’m having difficulty pinpointing it.

I’ve found conflicting information from these sources:

Transmitting_tower_top_usLast week I stopped at the nearby T-Mobile store. To my surprise, none of their salespeople knew where the nearest T-Mobile cell site is located . . . nor were they interested. One guy has worked there since 1998, and never thought to learn the nearest cell site location. I’m amazed.

I spoke with a T-Mobile tech support person on the phone, who volunteered an approximate cell site location within a mile of my house. I walked in that residential neighborhood, and my phone indicated a signal strength of about -71 dBm — which would indicate that I was getting warm — but I was unable to visually identify a cellular antenna. There’s no tower, but there is a church nearby, and I’ve read that T-Mobile likes to place cell sites within church steeples. My guess is that this cell site is just a repeater, with no fiber backhaul.

If that’s the nearest cell site to my house, the signal’s path loss to my house is about 30 to 40 dB. That seems reasonable, as I *think* that T-Mobile operates in the 1700 and 1900 MHz bands and there are lots of mature trees in the path to my house.

Can you recommend a method of determining exactly where the nearest T-Mobile cell site to my house is located? Please?

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