Good Grief, More illegal NSA snooping

This is getting old. The NSA again demonstrates that

NSA logo parody
By EFF designer Hugh D’Andrade
  1. It’s violating US Citizens’ fourth amendment rights
  2. It’s lied about warrantless phonetapping: Not only is it capturing a phone call’s “metadata”, it’s capturing the phone call itself
  3. Its internal controls are inadequate
  4. It’s unable to manage:
    1. its unconstitutionally purloined data
    2. its employees and contractors.


Read Friday’s Arstechnica article titled On his first day of work, NSA employee spied on ex-girlfriend.

Congress needs to take control of this rogue agency now. Then they need to charge Intelligence chief James Clapper with contempt of Congress for lying about this surveillance during sworn testimony. The administration should fire him without benefits. I suspect that neither Mr. Obama nor Mr. Holder has the integrity to do that.

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