Congratulations to Oracle

I called the America’s Cup competition in San Francisco Bay wrong. So did almost everyone else. Larry Ellison’s Oracle Team USA’s 72-foot long catamaran recovered from an 8 to 1 deficit to Emirates Team New Zealand and won. Yes, OTUSA came back from certain defeat to win sailing’s most prestigious trophy by a score of 9 to 8.

Every aspect of this year’s America’s Cup was controversial.

  • The “USA” in the Oracle Team USA moniker is meaningless; OTUSA’s onboard crew consists of exactly one American and nine Kiwis and Aussies. Its helmsman is an Australian. The OTUSA crew list reveals that this is a corporate — not a national — team.
  • Most potential teams stayed home because of costs. Larry reportedly spent upwards of $200 million.
  • Tbe boats look like trampolines.
  • The crews are dressed in helmets and what appear to be NASCAR driving suits.

The “yachts” and the racing resembled Formula One more than yachting. Have a look at the final race on YouTube.

Slate scowled in The Miracle on San Francisco Bay:

There’s really no rational reason for someone who isn’t from New Zealand and/or some type of robber baron to care even one bit about the America’s Cup, or to root for Larry Ellison and his team of sailing carpetbaggers.

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