I killed my Smartphone’s battery

I’ve had my Samsung SGH-T679 Insight II phone for about 13 months. It’s small, as is its battery. Battery runtime has never been great, but recently it’s been terrible. Last week, the phone turned itself off several times, and it refused to recharge today.

An expanded worn-out Lithium-ion battery and new one (upper-left)
An expanded worn-out Lithium-ion battery and new one (upper-left)

Jenson at the T-Mobile store tested my charger and pronounced it healthy. Kristen at the Batteries Plus store took one look at the battery, whose sides were slightly bulging, and pronounced it dead. She told me that a quick test is to place the battery on its flat side on a tabletop and spin it. If it spins easily, it’s bulging. Bulging sides = Dead battery.

I confess that I’ve left my phone on the charger for hours overnight, long after the battery was fully charged. I’ve also recharged it whenever it fell below 80 percent charge. Kristen explained that although the phone is supposed to have current limiting circuitry, it isn’t perfect. It’s much better to unplug the charger once the battery is fully charged, and to allow the battery to discharge to 20 percent or so before recharging it. I’ll follow her recommendations with my new battery.

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