Create NTSC DVDs from PAL DVDs

Years ago, I authored a video DVD of European Group B Prototype rally car racing in PAL format. Last week I wanted to play it on a DVD player that reads only NTSC format DVDs. When I tried to play my video DVD, the player reported “Wrong Disk”. D’oh! I was stuck.

Just make an NTSC copy of your PAL video DVD
I found that I could use the PAL video DVD to create a new NTSC video DVD+R. I just renamed the PAL DVD’s VOB files to MPG, and used them as the source files for a new NTSC DVD+R. Here’s how:

Insert the PAL DVD in the DVD drive of a Windows PC. Copy the contents (files and folders) of the PAL DVD to a new folder on the PC’s hard drive, called, say, C:\DVDCOPY\. (The PAL DVD will contain folders named AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS.) In the folder named C:\DVDCOPY\VIDEO_TS, rename all of the files with .VOB filename extensions to .MPG filenames. You can do this within Windows Explorer, or, if you’re confident in DOS, try these commands:

Click the Start button
Click Run (if Windows 2000 or XP)
In the command box, enter CMD
A window with a black background should appear. Enter these commands (assuming that the PAL video DVD resides in drive D) :
>XCOPY D:\*.* /S /V

Run a video DVD authoring program such as TMPGEnc; tell it to read the .MPG files (in folder C:\DVDCOPY\VIDEO_TS) that you just renamed and create an NTSC format DVD+R. Continue within TMPGEnc as you normally would when authoring a video DVD.

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