What Made Churchill’s Speeches so Effective?

The answer? Simplicity.

I’ve recently become fond of Doris and Bertie’s suggestions for clear writing. I’ve been an admirer of Winston Churchill’s command of English for years. Doris and Bertie wrote an article titled Five Churchillian tips for writing like a leader.

Churchill_portrait_NYP_45063-250wThey compare Churchill’s radio speech following the collapse of France to a recent press release from Kodak that announces their dire predicament. Doris and Bertie submitted both texts to an analyzer.

Incidentally, the tool also gives you a Gunning Fog Index number, which tells you the age at which someone would have had to have left full-time education to understand the text. Winston’s figure is 9.698. The figure for the Kodak text is 26.95.

Doris and Bertie urge us to “pitch your writing at the level of the primary school, not the PhD.” That’s what Sir Winston did, and it worked.

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