NSA snooping and journalism

Edward Snowden’s leak of NSA documents has divided journalists into two camps:

  1. reporters
  2. government flacks.
The Guardian‘s Glenn Greenwald tore into “actors who play journalists on TV” during his speech from Hong Kong last week. Greenwald calls CNN’s White House reporter “the White House spokesperson”. I agree with Mr. Greenwald: it’s the role of the press to uncover illegal, unethical, and immoral behavior by individuals and institutions — all institutions.

This affair has revealed journalistic and political corruption and has, for many liberals, knocked Mr. Obama from his pedestal.

You may assume that one or more three-letter federal agency records every instance of your electronic communications. Why? Because they’re inhaling all packets that enter and leave major carriers’ switching centers. Read Paranoid? Worry about Comcast and AT&T, not Google.

Utah Data Center of the NSA
NSA’s new giant data center in Bluffdale, Utah
Source: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Conceptual Site plan

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