Let The Good Times Roll on YouTube

I saw the movie “Let The Good Times Roll” while working in west Africa, c 1976, in a movie theater in Apapa, Nigeria, that was run by a group of enterprising Lebanese. Eclectic would describe the theater’s offerings: in one month, they’d run Bengalese romance / adventures, Hong Kong kickfests, a Truffaut movie, Australian and British comedies, and scratchy prints of faded 5-year old American blockbusters. No attempt was made to translate or subtitle foreign language films. I had no TV, and after a while listening to shortwave broadcasts from the BBC, VOA, Radio France, and Deutsche Welle grew old, so I’d treat myself to a movie or two each month.

The show would open with an old Warner Brothers or Tom & Jerry cartoon or two, a few ads for local products such as Elephant Power detergent, followed by the feature film.

letgoodtimesroll-170wI still remember watching “Let The Good Times Roll”. I was knocked out by the concert footage of Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, et al on one stage. I especially liked the close-up candid backstage footage: we witness the mixture of fear, anticipation, and bravado of these rock and roll legends. I’ve never seen this film available on VHS or DVD, and had given up ever seeing it again.

YouTube Rocks (& Rolls)

Yesterday, I found it on YouTube! If you’re a fan of early rock and roll, click on over to YouTube to watch this movie, post haste. YouTube has a habit of taking down videos that skate on thin copyright ice, so hurry before it disappears.

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