A new improved credit card scam via telephone

Today I received a phone call from an unknown caller whose caller ID was 15595. A recorded voice spoke:

This is Merrill Lynch. We have temporarily suspended your credit card. If you wish to re-activate your card, press 1.

I pressed 1 and then was asked to enter my account number. I almost did, but stopped since the card issuer would already have this number.

I’ve never heard of this scam. I’ll bet that it works, because the intended victim is caught off-guard.

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2 thoughts on “A new improved credit card scam via telephone”

  1. I received this call to my mobile today. What’s really dumb about this scam is that the financial institution they used (in my case Texas Gulf Bank) is in NO WAY associated with my finances. Scumbags. Thankfully I knew to just immediately hang up.


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