Recent virus vectors

Within the last year or so, Microsoft Windows has become pretty secure. (I didn’t think that I’d ever use the words “Windows” and “secure” in the same sentence.) Microsoft has been relentless in fixing Windows’ vulnerabilities and distributing those fixes through Windows Update. Now the malware creators have turned to Adobe Reader, Flash, and Java to spread their infections, so it’s doubly important that you keep these three programs up to date so that they block the latest exploits. Rust, and the malware scourge, never sleeps.

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2 thoughts on “Recent virus vectors”

  1. The trojan that attacked my PC 2 days ago came in via an update to Java. I had removed the program but had to re-install it as some other program required it, and forgot to remove it again.

    I had downloaded a java update in the morning, and when I turned it back on in the evening, I got this: system care antivirus. It knocked out MS Security Essentials. As one of several steps to rid my PC of it, I used

    It took most of an evening and some of the following morning to totally remove it. I also removed Java again! (BTW, thanks for that tip, too.)

    Note that it is different from JavaScript, which should be left on your PC.


    1. You can allow Java to run on your PC without fear. When Java runs within a web browser, you’re at risk. Within Mozilla Firefox, you can stop Java by installing the Firefox NoScript add-on.

      Within Internet Exploder 8, you can disable Java:

      • Tools
      • Options
      • Security tab
      • Custom level
      • Scroll to "Scripting of Java applets, and press the Disable button


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