Beware of CNET downloads

QualityControl_rejected2CNET ( stores many useful open-source and shareware programs on its servers. In the past I’d have recommended that you download them from CNET. Not any longer. Now CNET attempts to push browser toolbars, games, and adware on to your computer. Recently I thought that I’d opted out of their crapware, yet when the download was done, they’d still pushed this garbage unto my PC. I give them two big thumbs down.

I found this in the CNET Wikipedia entry:

Some software applications freely downloadable from the Internet are also offered for download by CNET. Some of these “CNET versions” are actually wrapped inside other applications that install other pieces of software such as adware commonly referred to as PUP.CNET adware. In most instances the user has to specifically opt out, and the opt-out option is not clearly or immediately visible. Most anti-malware software programs identify these wraps as potentially harmful and routinely identify them for removal or quarantine.

I recommend that you steer clear of CNET downloads.

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