How to uninstall Corel WordPerfect Suite R8 without the original disk.

A client recently asked me to uninstall Corel WordPerfect Suite release 8 from a Windows XP PC.  That sounds easy: Start / Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs, right?  Wrong.  The normal uninstall procedure resulted in a request that I insert the Corel WordPerfect Suite release 8 installation CD, which of course was unavailable.

Here’s how I uninstalled it:

  1. Backup the registry:
    1. Start / All Programs / Accessories / System Tools / System Restore
    2. Within System Restore, choose Create a Restore Point


  1. Delete contents of directory C:\Corel:
    (Enter only the boldface commands)

    1. Start / Run
    2. CMD
    3. C:
    4. C:\>CD \COREL
    5. C:\Corel>ATTRIB -R -S -A -H *.* /D /S
    6. C:\Corel>DEL *.* /S


  2. Run regedit:
    1. Enter ctrl-F to find each instance of COREL
    2. Delete each instance of COREL


  3. Run ccleaner:
    1. Choose Registry
    2. Choose Scan For Issues
    3. Choose Fix Selected Issues


Warning: If you stumble, any one of these steps could destroy your Windows operating system and render the computer unusable.  DOS commands and Windows Regedit are like dynamite — powerful, but dangerous.  Don’t follow these steps if you’re not fluent in DOS commands and Regedit.

Based on file datestamps, this copy of Corel WordPerfect Suite seemed to be from 1998 — back when Windows 95 was still viable!

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3 thoughts on “How to uninstall Corel WordPerfect Suite R8 without the original disk.”

  1. I have WP back to 5.1. WP 8 was a problem to uninstall & could not be uninstalled cleanly at the time it was in use. When I called WP at the time, they provided a program they called ‘WordPerfect 8 Clean Uninstall. It worked fine. I probably had it at some point on Win 95 and then on Win 98. I have this program if you want it. I do not know if it works on current Windows programs. WP is a great Office package. It is useful in solving many MS Word problems! Enjoy. 😉


    1. Thanks for your kind offer, but I doubt that I’ll ever need the WordPerfect uninstall program. The uninstall method that I used, while not elegant, seems to have worked.

      I pre-date WordPerfect. WordStar on CP/M, with MailMerge, provided everything I needed from a word processor.

      These days I use OpenOffice.

      Thanks again.



  2. I think I need to clarify. “I have ‘this’ program….” refers to the uninstall program. It was provided free from WordPerfect.


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