Methodology == Method (usually)

I reluctantly listen to a jargon-filled podcast called Telecom Junkies. The episodes are loaded with trendy technical buzzwords but are mercifully short. Jargon ProhibitedDuring an episode titled A Prequel to the Great E911 Debate, Bill Svien from 911 ETC boasted that “we connect to the client using various different methods and methodologies to allow for a cost-effective solution”.

Mr. Svien unwittingly demonstrated that in this context, the words methodology and method are synonyms. I imagine that he used the word methodology because it sounds scientific. In fact, today’s entire telecom industry flagrantly misuses the word methodology.

My question: Before presenting their pitches, did these guys rehearse in front of anyone who could critique their presentations for clarity? All four presentations were loaded with catchphrases that struck me as comical, even though I understand the technology. I pity the uninitiated listener; laughter would be a natural response. These guys could be mistaken for stand-up comedians.

Come on, guys. Speak English. Read Orwell. Follow his advice.

George Orwell’s web content advice

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