See who’s tracking you

Collusion displayThe Collusion add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser is still in beta-test, but is worth trying now: I was able to install it from within the Tools/Add-ons menu in Mozilla Firefox 19.0. It presents a fascinating visual display.

Worried? You can prevent tracking of your web browsing activity within Mozilla Firefox by adding the AdBlock Plus, Cookie Culler, and NoScript add-ons to your Mozilla Firefox browser. Go to Tools, Add-Ons, search for each of these three add-ons (all recommended by me), and install ’em.

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2 thoughts on “See who’s tracking you”

  1. I’ve been using the 3 add-ons that you recommended for years but seem to have lost Cookie Culler and AdBlock with the latest update. This new add-on looks great though! Good find!


    1. I also noticed that Cookie Culler and AdBlock Plus had disappeared during the recent orgy of Firefox updates. They both install with no problem in Firefox 19. Cookie Culler includes a cute chocolate chip cookie button that you can drag unto a toolbar. Point to a toolbar, right mouse click, choose Customize, find the icon and drag it to a toolbar.


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