Whitehouse.gov petitions page

White House petition pageI just signed the petition at WhiteHouse.gov to remove Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Heymann. He’s the guy who, together with U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, threw the book at Aaron Swartz for violating a website’s Terms Of Service. The petition, which needs 14,000 more signatures, asserts

To prosecute these actions the same as rapes and murders is a savage abuse of the criminal justice system which continues to destroy the lives of peaceful, productive members of society.

I also signed the petition to remove Ms. Ortiz, which already has enough signatures. Excerpt from that petition:

A prosecutor who does not understand proportionality and who regularly uses the threat of unjust and overreaching charges to extort plea bargains from defendants regardless of their guilt is a danger to the life and liberty of anyone who might cross her path.

There are more reasons to remove her from office: Carmen Ortiz’s Sordid Rap Sheet.

I found this in a comment by Stuart Davies to the eye-opening article Aaron Swartz’s Prosecutors Employ Outrageous Bullying Tactics as Standard Operating Procedure:

the corporate state was clearly out to get him because of his previous success at making public records…. public! They knew he was going to be a problem for their efforts to close public access to government information, and they wanted to make an example of him . . .

Removing these two prosecutors won’t solve the problem, of course. The Department of Justice will just replace them with ambitious clones. In the meantime, the DOJ refuses to prosecute the Wall Street criminals. PBS’ Frontline documented this in a recent 53-minute video titled The Untouchables.

I’m impressed with the White House’s petitions page. Have a look: petitions.whitehouse.gov

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