My phone nearly drowned.

Samsung Insight II SGH-T679 in rubber caseThis is embarassing. While changing clothes in a bathroom, I accidentally pulled my phone (Samsung SGH-T679 Insight II 4G from T-Mobile) by its earbud wires off the countertop and straight into the toilet. D’oh! It sank straight to the bottom. I quickly retrieved it, peeled off its rubber case, popped off its back, and removed its battery. The phone was powered on when it fell, and its USB connector sliding door was open.

The phone was submerged for only a few seconds, and I saw few or no water droplets on the battery, but as I dried off the phone with a towel, I feared the worst. I removed the SIM card and placed the phone in a bowl of uncooked white rice (a dessicant) for about four hours.

The phone booted up and ran fine. I think that the rubber case retarded the ingress of water. My case covers the switches, which otherwise would have leaked water. Whew!

I’ve read that the most common cause of cell phone failure is water immersion. This time I was lucky.

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