Repair and prevent battery charging problems on GSM phones.

About two weeks ago, my Samsung Exhibit II SGH-T679 Android phone refused to charge its battery. I tried a variety of chargers and eventually it reluctantly slowly recharged its battery. The local T-Mobile store clerk concluded that the phone had died and ordered a warranty replacement phone. In the meantime, my phone has resumed recharging normally.

Exhibit II micro-USB port. Click to enlarge.Yesterday I mentioned this to Jason Athanas at Autobahn Performance, who told me that the micro-USB connector fills up with lint that prevents contact with the charger’s connector. He carefully inspected and cleaned my connector under a very bright light. Only then did I recall that my phone has a tiny sliding door that can seal its micro-USB connector when empty. Ah-ha! So THAT’s why that door is there! From now on, I’ll remember to close that door after I’m done charging the phone.

All GSM phone manufacturers (except Apple) agreed to use the micro-USB connector for battery charging in 2009 (GSM phones will have a standard battery charger), and I’ll bet that most of them include a similar sliding door. I’ve learned that it’s there for a reason.

  • Update, December 2015: YouTuber Mysimplefix has posted a simple way to clean your phone’s micro-USB battery charging port. It works. I used a thin piece of disposable plastic water Evian water bottle and cut it to a shape and size that resembles a man’s color stay:


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